Hoping to make a contribution to an important issue in an exciting way? Then take a chance on volunteering, that fills you up with energy and creates a community bond, as well as makes you discover  new knowledge and friends. No wonder it is the true heartbeat of Szatyor. By providing space and opportunity for those wishing to go a great way with us to our cause, namely to experience and share sustainable living, we offer several forms of volunteering. So why not to have a plunge into them?


Every month they devote a couple of their hours to our association, from regular day-to-day tasks to occasional professional input. Our collaboration is based on a discussion around our common interests and mapping the possible and most efficient ways of becoming a member of our team. We create a fair outline together about needs and opportunities, and are delighted to welcome individuals, as much as high-school students. If you are ready to join us or just want to drop a few questions before, contact us via zoldszatyor@gmail.com and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you.



The European Union considers volunteering to be a high priority, just as we do, and supports youth (18-30) mobility with the aim of boosting intercultural learning as well as competitiveness on the labour market. Through European Voluntary Service, a once in a lifetime opportunity, these young people participate in the running of a civil association for 2-10 months. Szatyor is proud to be able to host young volunteers for over 5 years now and sends young Hungarians to various parts of Europe. If you feel the calling and are up for a life-changing experience, why not to contact us via evsszatyor@gmail.com and get started on your new adventures.