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Matteo Morello vagyok and now that my Magyar knowledge is finished,I will continue in English. I am 19 years old and I come from a littlevillage in the North of Italy, I am in Budapest as EVS volunteer who willbe working in Szatyor for one year.I am writing this little article to share with you a passion I have every yearduring spring, summer and fall: MUSHROOM HUNTING!!!!!Obviously I am not an expert, but I wish to give you some basic tips aboutmushroom hunting, tell you some good activities to do in order enjoymore the walk far from the city and preserve the wood ecosystem andfinally but not less important share with you some Italian mushrooms recipes.I think: the best stress-relief in the world is to have a walk with somefriends in the wood and look for mushrooms makes it all more fun and interesting.To have the opportunity to do this it is necessary that we are the first to take care for the woods and for this here will be found some really little and easy rules to follow.

We shall start with the most important rule which every hunter needs to know:“if we don’t know the mushroom in front of us DON’T TOUCH IT AND LEAVE IT!”We must do that for several reasons, of which, maybe, the most important for us is: Isn’t a good deal to die poisoned.SHORT SAD STORY

The Roman emperor, Claudius, was killed with a dish of poisoned mushrooms, Amanita phalloides , by his wife….

But besides the risks of poisoning, mushrooms are really important for the wood ecosystem and arealso really delicate and if they are dangerous for us, they are not necessarily dangerous for the otheranimals.Now, told the most important rule in order to preserve ourselves and the forest we can go on givingsome basic informations for amateur hunting.

Good Hunter’s tools:

1. a loyal pocket knife

2. good shoes(remember that mushrooms are really shy, they don’t grow up near the street, weneed to go to find them in the middle of the wood also in uncomfortable place, so shoes arereally important)

3. a basket or a bag like this (to disperse spores)

Wood lover’s tools

1. plastic gloves

2. plastic bagin order to pick up any rubbish that we find, if we want to eat same mushrooms we should dedicateourselves to cleaning a bit the area…


Test:one of those is really delicious to eat breaded and fried, the other one is toxic….which of those do you pick up? (the solution will be at the end of the article)


Unless you are a mushrooms expert, check what you have picked up, is always a good thing if youdon’t want to have the same end as Claudius.A check point is in the central market in Budapest (Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093).

And now to the real interest:


We need to be motivated!Have a walk in the wood is really relaxing and interesting because ispossible see wonderful flowers, animals and obviously….mushrooms.Mushrooms are interesting not only to eat but also to watch

Kismaros’ hill


“Persze” in the woodUnfortunately I only had the time to check a couple of good places for mushrooms both inKismaros… but the place is really beautiful and full of mushrooms. Next year for sure I will go toanother place named Szigetmonostor, rumours said that it is another great place for mushrooms….but the real problem in finding mushrooms is more about when than where…we need really specificcondition to hope to find something..  the two guys were saying “ we have found a mushroom” but actually it wasn’t……another short sad story

Kismaros’ wood


for the majority of mushrooms is Fall but some type grow also in Spring (May-June)


not before of one sunny day after a good day of rain.


The question is easy….we need to go before anyone else or animals that can eat the mushroom…so the best time is in the morning really early


We need to know that each type of mushroom grows up in the sameplace more or less. This is because each type of mushroom has aparticular mycelio that is under the soil where the mushroom grows.So to preserve the future life of the mushroomwe must pay attention not to damage the mycelio.To do this…..put one hand on the ground and press a little bit, withthe fingers and with the other take the base of the mushroom andpick it up twisting( NERVER USE THE KNIFE TO CUT THEMUSROOM OR DIG UNDER THE MUSHROOM!!!!!!!!) and atthe and clean the mushroom on the ground!!!More or less these are the most important rules for an amateurmushrooms hunter, but after picking it up and checking themushrooms we also want to eat them soooooo…here you are somerecipes!!!!!

first of all: some type of mushrooms need to be boiled or cooked in some way before. When youwill go to check your mushrooms at the central market remember to ask also about this!!


this is more to save some types of mushrooms that usually are used to cook something.Finish cleaning the mushrooms by removing the bad parts and washing them.Cut the mushrooms in really small slides and spread on one baking tray and if there is the sun and warm day we can leave it under the sun until they are completely dry (some times is good turn the mushrooms). This operation will take more or less 2 days.We can also use the oven at the temperature of 60° C with the door a little bit open.Leave the mushrooms for one hour, turn them, leave for an another hour. If they are not totally dry continue this operation checking each 30 minutes.When you need to use the mushrooms if the recipe uses water it is not necessary to rehydrate, if not put them in hot water (hot not warm)


ingredients for 4 people
• rice 240gr• onion 1 little• garlic 1 piece• salt qb (the necessary)• vegetable stock 1 litre• mushrooms 400gr• butter 60gr• parsley  to cut qb• black pepper qb• cheese 60gr ( better if is Parmigiano if not any salty cheese is okay)• extra virgin olive oil qbprepare the stockclean by removing the really last part of the stem and cut the mushrooms in medium/big pieces.Heat more or less 3 spoons of oil and let the pressed garlic be light-brown. After, pick up the fire and cook the mushrooms for 10 minutes in order to get a nice colour, put salt and pepper and remove from the heat.In another pot, melt 30 gr of butter and after put the onion (clean and cut in really small cubes).When the onion starts to have a gold colour put the rice inside and let it toast for few minutes (therice will be ready when it starts to be transparent).When the rice is ready start to putting the stoke inside, one ladleful at the time while mixing therice.Check that the water continues boiling but the fire isn’t too strong.Near the cooking end, when the rice is still hard, put the mushrooms inside and finish the cooking.add salt and pepper as you like.When the rice is ready turn off the fire and put the last part of the butter, parsley and cheese insideand turn often in order to melt them.The rice is ready!


ingredients for 4 people
• mixture of mushrooms 800gr• butter 30gr• garlic 1 piece • parsley qb• extra-virgin olive oil 40gr
Clean the mushrooms and cut the biggest ones insmall slices.Heat the butter and the oil in a pan with the garlic cut in a half. Let it take taste for few minutes andthen start to put the mushrooms inside. Start with the more compact ones.Cook for few minutes at strong fire and turning often but softly.At the end put salt and parsley and cook 5 minutes more at slow fire.
I hope that you enjoyed this short article about mushrooms like I enjoyed writing it.There are for sure several recipes about mushrooms but I only wanted to write the most popularones in Italy and maybe I will continue to writing something in Spring.So bye bye, thank you for the attention and enjoy the forest and the mushrooms..

Matteo.P.S The solution to the test is the ones on the right in Italian “Mazza di tamburo” or “Macrolepiota procera”


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    I love mushrooms and permaculture and I
    will be in Budapest in March 2020. I would
    like to visit a sustainable, permaculture farm
    and share recipes, low-tech mushroom
    growing methods and stories of mushroom
    hunting in the usa.

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