Szatyor EVS in live

Photos and text by Martina Macedonio

When I moved to Budapest in September 2016 I couldn’t imagine how much I would have learnt during my EVS experience in Szatyor.

Great food we made for caterings and for customers


The best part of my EVS in Szatyor was the chance to organise events and workshops for the community, because I have learnt a lot taking part in them. The series of Gardening Workshops is surely the best example: while talking with the participants about how to live an eco-friendly life in a big city like Budapest, I have discovered how to start my own seedlings at home, how to grow a wormcompost and so many other useful things they don’t teach you at school!

Gardening workhops: start your own seedling and wormcompost


It felt so good then to plant our seedling in the GrundKert community garden and eat our own food 🙂

Working in GrundKert and its outcome


I have baked sooooo many cookies I am sure by now I know the perfect recipe!

Making delicious biscuits and cakes


What I’m most proud of is the Youth Exchange project I wrote with the help and support of many people collaborating with Szatyor. It has been really challenging, but we made it and finally we got it approved! It was very satisfying to see the project coming to life thanks to everyone who worked on it after I left Budapest!

Youth Exchange has come alive


My EVS in Szatyor was undoubtly a great experience, especially for all the wonderful people I got to meet and work with during my 10 months in Budapest. I brought back home in Italy a great experience and a lot of new knowledge, but I must mention all the great food I have discovered and eaten in Hungary.



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