A dinner that focuses on the stories of the dishes, the tales of the ingredients and the growers who produce them. Whilst enjoying a mouth watering 4-course meal that showcases the best of the season, you can also learn about Hungarian traditions,  hear the story of our community organistaion and get local tips on foods to try and where’s best to eat in Budapest.

Dine with us Friday 5 August 2016!


Our August menu

Kőrözött and other dips – try traditional Hungarian dips such as cottage cheese cream flavoured with paprika and a delicious aubergine cream from Transylvania.

Gezemice leves  sajtgaluskával  -this summer vegetable soup with cheese dumplings is a childhood favourite.

Rakott krumpli – a layered potato dish which showcases many of the ingredients that makes a Hungarian dish Hungarian – paprika, sour cream and cured sausage.

Máglyarakás ­– A real Hungarian meal is never complete without something sweet. Finish the evening with a baked fruit, bread and meringue pudding, using a bread common in Hungary called kifli.
Drinks –
Try Hungarian wines sourced from a winemaker with whom we have a direct relationship!


Our community kitchen is based in The Palace District of Budapest. Find us here: Szatyorbolt, 1085 Budapest, Gyulai Pál utca 12.This historical area of the city is famous for its grand buildings in which aristocrats once resided.


30 EUR/ person, which includes 2 glasses of local Hungarian wine. All the proceeds from the dinner go to help run our community association, 10% of which goes directly to run community projects and events.